Metatron Blue Opal Diagnostic Testing

Metatron Blue Opal Diagnostic Testing is a breakthrough in holistic health assessment, addressing the crucial need for a comprehensive understanding of your body's well-being. With its advanced 13-point scale, this non-invasive testing method goes beyond traditional health evaluations, offering a deeper insight into your physical, emotional, and psycho-emotional health.

The state-of-the-art 3D modeling provides an unparalleled visualization of your body's systems, including the skeletal, circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous systems, as well as major organs.

This detailed imagery not only helps in identifying underlying health issues but also in understanding the interconnectedness of physical and mental well-being.

For those seeking a holistic approach to health that aligns with modern technology, Metatron Blue Opal Therapy offers a unique solution.

Benefits of Metatron Blue Opal Therapy

  • Integrates chakra and meridian mapping for insights into your body's energy flow and balance.
  • Addresses unexplained physical or emotional discomfort through detailed energy mapping.
  • Offers color-coded organ health visualization, making complex medical data easily understandable.
  • knowledge of your health status through visual organ health indicators.
  • Provides personalized reports at the end of each session, offering actionable health insights and recommendations.
  • Includes therapy with customized homeopathic frequencies, tailored to your individual health needs.
  • Addresses personalized treatment needs, often overlooked in conventional healthcare.
  • Functions not only as a diagnostic tool but also as a comprehensive guide to optimal health and wellness.

Discover the future of holistic health assessment with Metatron, a leading-edge meta-therapy technology utilizing the Blue Opal, a Class II medical device approved by the FDA. Metatron stands out by offering a comprehensive 3D health assessment, providing a deeper understanding of your body's well-being.

Your journey with Blue Opal Health assessment begins with non-invasive, sophisticated sensors placed on your head. These sensors interact with your subcortical brain—the central hub of your body's ongoing processes—through electromagnetic waves. The intricate data gathered is then transformed into a digital signal, painting a detailed virtual model of the organ, tissue, or cell under examination on the computer screen. This innovative display showcases your organ health in an intuitive, color-coded format, ranging from light yellow for healthy states to darker shades indicating areas of concern. Each session concludes with a detailed report, either printed or on a USB, for your comprehensive understanding.

In these insightful sessions, lasting two hours, you gain invaluable knowledge about potential health issues. The initial 40-minute diagnostic is followed by an 80-minute therapy session, designed to target identified areas of concern. Additionally, we offer personalized homeopathic frequencies, uniquely attuned to your body's specific needs, enhancing the therapeutic experience.

Metatron Blue Opal Therapy is not just a health assessment; it's a personalized guide to your health improvement and well-being.

FDA Reg #300009475597

Please Note: This is an IN PERSON SERVICE and cannot be conducted remotely.

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