Metatron Blue Opal Diagnostic Testing

Metatron is one of the most advanced forms of meta-therapy by means of Blue Opal, class II medical device approved by the FDA. Metatron scanner provides a 3D health assessment of the body.

Benefits of Metatron Blue Opal Therapy

  • 13-Point scale for health evaluation
  • Enhanced 3D Models: skeleton circulation, lymphatic & nerve system, trachea, bronchi, lungs, teeth, heart.
  • Displays over map of chakra systems & 3D Chinese meridian models
  • Evaluates 73 psycho-emotional conditions

Blue Opal Health assessment starts with non-invasive sensors placed on the head. The sensors are capable of interfacing via electromagnetic waive with the subcortial brain, the largest repository of information about ongoing processes with in an organism.The information obtained is reformed into digital signal. Then the information is displayed on the computer screen as a virtual model of the organ, tissue, or cell being evaluated. The display presents organ health in a color - coded format, varying from light yellow (healthy) to orange, red, purple, and black, where organ is at its maximum or highly suspect. Printer report or USB provided with session.

Insights are gained regarding possible pathologies and the practitioner can make recommendations about avenues of improvement and health. Sessions 2 hours. Diagnostic 40 min Therapy 1 hour 20 min.
Homeopathic frequency also made specifically as your body is calling for.

FDA Reg #300009475597


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